Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Science This site is based on grade three science units, although our curriculum breaks it down as animals, earth, properties of matter and the solar system. This site is based in the states and breaks it down as life sciences, earth sciences and physical sciences, which still covers everything we cover with even some of the optional units involved as well. These links in different subjects are directly teachable units with specific goals in mind. Some could be done as a class with one computer screen projector, for example the "mixed up cells" is a game where you have to figure out if the images are cells from a animal or from a plant, and "virtual photosynthesis experiments" shows how photosynthesis works through set up pages. Just click and go which is awesome. Others can work with small groups or individual students such as "connect to the stars" which is a NASA spacestation site (need I say any more other than COOL) and "cloud types" which lets students study clouds in a variety of different ways and for enrichment there are links at the bottom of this page to tons of cool sites. Including links to games info. on history, space, people and much much more. I know this is starting to sound like an advertisement AND IF U CALL RIGHT NOW U GET A FREE TOASTER!!!!. Just kidding. Anyway you could spend all day here and still not see it all, so take a look.


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