Monday, February 13, 2006

mathematics This is linked to which has some resources for students and teachers alike. The specific goals of this website search was for grade three math help. Mathmayhem is one of the games located on this site. It is an interactive game where many different students can decide to play against each other. Each game lasts 60 seconds and goes over a varing degree of problems, but in the same order so it makes it a fair and easy for competition. Going further by clicking on the students link and clicking on level 1-3 you can see some other great games for the kids. Including math but also a memory concentration game, learning time and language arts. For the advanced features you have to be a member which costs $39.95/year and $99.95/year for an entire classroom. Based on curriculum this sites hits the two main goals for grade threes which is "problem solving", and "numbers and operations".


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