Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nothing really new I just know there are a lot of really good resources here and I don't want to lose this site.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

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I'm not sure if they ever delete these if there not in use. Thats why I made this post. B

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


http://www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/conflict/index.html This site has small simple movies that move through conflict issues in and around the school. It goes over serveral examples and gives the viewer choices on what action to take in specific situations. It can open eyes to simple and difficult bullying issues and gives every student the abilities to deal with a situation if they have too. It's a great site and the interactive movies really show how kids can react and the consiqeunces of those actions. Follows the evergreen curriculum in grade 3 through conflict resolution in health.


http://www.exploratorium.edu/learning_studio/cow_eye/ Very gross very disgusting, but wow the kids love this one. It's a graphical site designed to teach about eyes through a cow eye dissection. It's something kids will love because it's so gross , but it involves learning at the same time. Three simple parts are easy to follow with including Watch online(very graphic), Learn more about eyes(graphic) and Do your own dissection(extremely graphic) . "Do" involves pictures of the step by step dissection of an eye. Kids will love it even if we feel a little sick. Will go nicely with evergreen curriculum in the study of "a healthy body" in Grade 3 health.

Language Arts

http://flatstanley.enoreo.on.ca/ Flat Stanley was invented by a guy named Jeff Brown. The story starts by Stanley getting flattened by a bulletin board falls on him. It's not a bad thing because now flat stanley can be sent anywhere in an envelope. And now since the beginning there are a couple of more books and the idea has changed with the times by including emailing as a way of sending flat stanley to other students. So he can be sent across the hall or across the globe, all are happening through the flat stanley site. This works directly into curriculum through language arts of reading, writing, and comprehension. This could also work with just about anywhere else depending where stanley goes. It also works with technonlogy, geography, social studies, science, arts etc completely depending where flat stnley ends up. Very cool, very easy and creative.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Language Arts

http://www.eduplace.com/kids/ The site is filled with games for example: Wacky Web Tales, the students answers questions such as typing in a noun, a body part, a present tense verb and once all of those are filled in the computer makes a story useing your answers. Excellent for help with reading and writing skills. There is also Fake-out which uses differnet obscure words and definitions and Power Proofreader where students must find corrections in written work. These games are nice because they work on specific grade level and abilities. Many more resources on this site so check it out. School Books and Science games are not very exciting and a little confusing for my grade 3 focus. The only problem with this site is it takes a while to load so your constantly waiting. So if you have crazy kids you might just want to leave this as an enrichment site and not tackle this altogether as a class. Grade 3 Language Arts and more specifically story telling and retelling, self assessment, and listening.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


http://www.windows.ucar.edu/ Windows to the Universe WOW There's a huge hightlights section which changes as new a better things are introduced to the site. "Stuff to do" has journals, games, tours, and news. Other major links include our planet, our solar system and astronomy & the universe. Then there is a Teacher Resource section HOLY CRAP This is awesome, miles of information, activities, units, lessons, games etc. on everything. Magnetometer is where students can build their own magnetic field to learn about polarity(N. & S. poles) and how magnetic are induced into materials WAY COOL. Create a Tornado HOLY CRAP loads of fun. Takes some prep work and only 20 min. Space weather, missions, myths, history, books, films etc. and if all of this wasn't enough at the bottom of the pages are another ton of enrichment activities. HOLY CRAP what a great site. I know I'll be using this site when I'm teaching. Grade 3 science is my focus, but this could work great for tons of grades and tons of levels of kids. Have fun with this one.


http://www.lung.ca/children/grades1_3/index.html This site explores the human body and specifcally the respiratory system. Going over the main topics of air polution, lung health and tobacco. This site is easy to navigate through and involves a small amount of reading. Which might work great in a jigsaw puzzle teaching style. The games are fun, but not downloadable at school unless your an administrator. The site also hits on some common problems and products in most of our homes, and has prevention and safety techniques to help. Should work seemlessly with Grade 3 Health A Healthy Body Unit.


http://yucky.kids.discovery.com/noflash/index.html The yuckiest site on the internet is an awesome site for kids. When you can talk about barfing belching and blackheads all in the same sentence kids will love it. The resources are huge....tons of crafts, different recipes, cool up to date experiments and more and more activities. X-Terminate is a cool warm up game for kids to have some fun. Gross and cool body goes over the how and why everything happens in your body. Including snot, zits, hiccups, gurgling stomach and lots more. I know I keep sounding like an advertisement for these sites but when there this much fun it won't be hard for the kids to learn and there are a mountain full of enrichment activities. Works great with Sask Ed. Evergreen Curriculum in Grade 3 Health the unit on a healthy body.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

arts and social studies

http://www.mrpicassohead.com/create.html This site relates to the evergreen curriculum through arts education which is understandable without description and through social studies in the grade three heritage unit in "Communities then and now" and "reflected culture". It's an neat site because you can build your own Picasso. Each new one you build you could present the kids with different emotions to show in the picture and then reveiw each of them with the entire class. Showing how some decided how to make their picture look happy or sad or whatever. Cool, fun and can be completed in groups or individually which should work into any bodies lesson plans. Mr. Picasso Head rocks!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


http://olc.spsd.sk.ca/DE/webquests/Planetwq/WebQuest2.html#teacher%20page Very cool webquest. Works in with grade three core unit in science of "the solar system". Some preliminary work to be completed, there are different roles and direct links right off the main page which makes it easy for the kids. Also easy to do, easy to evaluate. And like the other webquest by J Byers she places enrichment actitvities at the bottom of the site. Awesome.

Language arts and science

http://olc.spsd.sk.ca/DE/webquests/animal/index.html Excellent webquest This site fits in the science curriculum areas specifically the grade three core unit of animals. In this core unit the students consider food chains and webs, both those involving humans and those which exist in natural ecosystems. The conditionss which cause pressures on the animal populations in those ecosystems, and adaptations which help animals survive are indentified. Beauty site and lots of fun with different roles for the students.

Social Studies

http://www.internet4classrooms.com/skills_3rd_social.htm Great Information on this site with direct references to the evergreen curriculum grade three social studies main themes. Now once again this is a site from the U.S. so some themes may be avoided. For example of the differences our curriculum says social studies main focuses should be social identity, heritage, interdependence, and decision making. There standards are under the headings of cultural, economic, geography, governance, history, and interactions. Slighty different but easy to get around. This site is not going to be as fun as some of my other blogs but there is a boat load of information. And even though the kids may not like it they have to learn something every once and a while. Try "food pyramids" and some of the follow up activities. Try "little bull the producer" and look at "ecosystems" which has once again tons of info. Happy blogging!


http://www.internet4classrooms.com/skills_3rd_science.htm This site is based on grade three science units, although our curriculum breaks it down as animals, earth, properties of matter and the solar system. This site is based in the states and breaks it down as life sciences, earth sciences and physical sciences, which still covers everything we cover with even some of the optional units involved as well. These links in different subjects are directly teachable units with specific goals in mind. Some could be done as a class with one computer screen projector, for example the "mixed up cells" is a game where you have to figure out if the images are cells from a animal or from a plant, and "virtual photosynthesis experiments" shows how photosynthesis works through set up pages. Just click and go which is awesome. Others can work with small groups or individual students such as "connect to the stars" which is a NASA spacestation site (need I say any more other than COOL) and "cloud types" which lets students study clouds in a variety of different ways and for enrichment there are links at the bottom of this page to tons of cool sites. Including links to games info. on history, space, people and much much more. I know this is starting to sound like an advertisement AND IF U CALL RIGHT NOW U GET A FREE TOASTER!!!!. Just kidding. Anyway you could spend all day here and still not see it all, so take a look.