Thursday, March 30, 2006

Science Windows to the Universe WOW There's a huge hightlights section which changes as new a better things are introduced to the site. "Stuff to do" has journals, games, tours, and news. Other major links include our planet, our solar system and astronomy & the universe. Then there is a Teacher Resource section HOLY CRAP This is awesome, miles of information, activities, units, lessons, games etc. on everything. Magnetometer is where students can build their own magnetic field to learn about polarity(N. & S. poles) and how magnetic are induced into materials WAY COOL. Create a Tornado HOLY CRAP loads of fun. Takes some prep work and only 20 min. Space weather, missions, myths, history, books, films etc. and if all of this wasn't enough at the bottom of the pages are another ton of enrichment activities. HOLY CRAP what a great site. I know I'll be using this site when I'm teaching. Grade 3 science is my focus, but this could work great for tons of grades and tons of levels of kids. Have fun with this one.


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