Monday, February 27, 2006

Laguage Arts This site would be useful for ....yes you guessed it gr. 3 for some extra online activities or playtime. The site provides a fun way to use the internet as an educational tool while still having fun with your friends. This site works within the Language arts strands provided in the evergreen curriculum that are; Reading & Writing, Listening & Speaking, and Viewing & Representing. It also provides independent activities whose only evaluation will be completed by their peers. Try Crytograms , Fallen Phrases, Mazes and Word Search. The number blocks and math squares are a little too challenging for gr 3 but still good to look at for older kids.

Computers & Internet This website introduces Computer Journals as a way of keepng track of specifics that a child has learned with individual programs. The children can then referrence the material they have recorded if they run into a problem in that specific program that you have showen them. This can work great with Grade 3 kids and lays out the objectives, materials needed, and presentations. Each new concept goes under a new page or heading Eg: Microsoft Word. How to start. How to save. How to Print etc. And this could work with everything such as : Internet. How to start, save, download etc. There are two great reasons I like this site #1 If you go over everything once with the kids slowly and accurately they will copy down all the steps and be able to use their journal as reference material instead of constantly going over the same steps every time the kids go to the computer. #2 Once some kids understand the basics it will be easy to provide enrichment activities for those who need it Eg: downloading specific information, installing programs, undating drivers through downloads, security while downloading etc. The list is endless of course.

Friday, February 17, 2006

L.A. & Science This site is a designed web quest activity for students. It is simple to use having questions and links to find the answers on the same page. It also has wonderful visuals to help to stimulate learning amoung the kids. As mentioned it's simple for the students , but it's simple for the teacher as well, simply click on the link and the lesson is all layed out for you. You could very simply use certain questions for all students and then provide the other questions as enrichment activities. The site works with and continues from the Grade 2 core unit on the senses, but I feel I would use it for gr. 3 Language arts through the effective listening objective and science respectively.

Monday, February 13, 2006

mathematics This is linked to which has some resources for students and teachers alike. The specific goals of this website search was for grade three math help. Mathmayhem is one of the games located on this site. It is an interactive game where many different students can decide to play against each other. Each game lasts 60 seconds and goes over a varing degree of problems, but in the same order so it makes it a fair and easy for competition. Going further by clicking on the students link and clicking on level 1-3 you can see some other great games for the kids. Including math but also a memory concentration game, learning time and language arts. For the advanced features you have to be a member which costs $39.95/year and $99.95/year for an entire classroom. Based on curriculum this sites hits the two main goals for grade threes which is "problem solving", and "numbers and operations".

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Arts blog This website relates directly to the evergreen arts curriculum and specifically promotes the three main components of arts education. Creative/productive, cultural/historical, critical/responsive. My main focus was for grade three students and although some of the information is above that age group other resources from this site are awesome. Specifically going from the home page of art room to art sparkers and activities like "stormy weather", "portrait of your hero", and the best I felt was "draw like a cat" which was a great use of observation, imagination and physical motion. Each one of these activities starts with a brief description of the activity, needed materials for the project and how to get started. It then describes the specific activity and then goes on to show enrichment activities and links to further enrichment sites for the students. Excellent projects for many other grade levels also