Monday, February 27, 2006

Computers & Internet This website introduces Computer Journals as a way of keepng track of specifics that a child has learned with individual programs. The children can then referrence the material they have recorded if they run into a problem in that specific program that you have showen them. This can work great with Grade 3 kids and lays out the objectives, materials needed, and presentations. Each new concept goes under a new page or heading Eg: Microsoft Word. How to start. How to save. How to Print etc. And this could work with everything such as : Internet. How to start, save, download etc. There are two great reasons I like this site #1 If you go over everything once with the kids slowly and accurately they will copy down all the steps and be able to use their journal as reference material instead of constantly going over the same steps every time the kids go to the computer. #2 Once some kids understand the basics it will be easy to provide enrichment activities for those who need it Eg: downloading specific information, installing programs, undating drivers through downloads, security while downloading etc. The list is endless of course.


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